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artexpo new york 2013


new york stories

"central park"

new york stories

"subway people"

new york stories

"new york fashion"

new york stories

"hello keith"

New York Stories,

A series of (Caltagirone) ceramic vases narrating small stories about New York City. They are allegorical tales captured in ceramic, unique in their genre, that convey the obsessions, behaviors, locations and emotions of the New York Culture…

A magical location like Central Park embodying the beauty of a woman with a variety of colors and a beautiful skyline.

The motionless and intense look of passengers in the metro, between subway lines and music in their ears as soundtrack.

Bags and shoes, the little happy obsessions of every woman in Manhattan,

A homage to the strong artistic personalities of New York, Keith Haring with his distinctive graffiti.

New York Stories…

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